What is an Eco-Friendly cartridge?

Recycled and reprocessed from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) empty core, Eco-Friendly cartridges are as consistent as their OEM counterparts but are more affordable. Processed in the same standards as the original cartridges found in the market, quality-wise, Eco-Friendly cartridges are at par with OEM ones. We collect used cartridges, dismantle it, replace the worn out parts and recharge the toner powder. Normally we reused about 85% of original parts. 

Is Eco-Friendly cartridge inferior to oem?

No. Comparing print quality and page yield, Eco-Friendly cartridges are as good as OEM cartridges. At Green Cartridge, We only use components that are of same quality as OEM to ensured quality are of the same standard. 

What if I experience a print quality issue?

If you are unsatisfied with our cartridges because they do not meet your expectations, please contact our support representative and we will replace the cartridge. Our technician will replace the cartridge on site. We offer one year product warranty and free printer repair should it is proven that our cartridge caused your printer to malfunction. 

Will using Eco-Friendly toner cartridges void my equipment warranty?

We are free to make our own chooses and information can be gathered within a click of a mouse. You also want to check out our warranty clause that may help you to make better decision. (Link to greencartridge warranty) 

Why buy from Green Cartridge?

There are so many companies out there selling Eco-Friendly cartridges. You need to purchase from a reputable printer supplies company. Green Cartridge Pte Ltd is an ISO-certified company established in 2008. With a steady pool of customers, we have service businesses, schools and other organizations. We have a one-year on-site warranty. In case any defect in our toner cartridge, our technician will replaced it on-site. In an unlikely case if our toner cartridge damaged your printer, we will repaired without any charges.

Am I really helping the environment by using Eco-Friendly cartridges?

A big YES! One cartridge takes as long as 1,000 years to decompose and adds around 1.4 KG of unwanted e-waste to landfills all over the world. Over one billion cartridges are used worldwide ever year and if you stacked them together, end-to-end, the cartridges would be 129 times longer than the Great Wall of China! So, instead of dumping your cartridges, we encourage you to recycle them. And how do you do that? Simply buy Eco-Friendly cartridges. Every time your purchase an Eco-Friendly cartridge, you save approximately 4.5 liter of oil, you save 1.4KG of resources to make a new cartridge. In Singapore, we recycle less than 10% of all our usage annually. In 2008 alone, we used an amount equivalent to about $149 million of printing supplies. This mean we are dumping away about $134 million worth of recyclable materials into our landfill each year and it is estimated it will increase by 5% each year. (Resource: The Business Times, published 1st Dec 2008)

What are the materials used to build up toner / ink cartridges?

Most of the toner and inkjet cartridges materials consist of plastics, metals, steels, aluminium & rubbers that can be recycled. 

How long it will takes for a single cartridge to decompose?

Since some of the materials are non-bio-degradable and take almost 450 years to decompose, it is only prudent to recycle a used cartridge as much as we can.

Products Warranty & Exchange?

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What happened when my toner cartridge is defective?

We provide on-site warranty, our technician will be able to do the exchange on-site during office hour. Or you can drop down to our office. Monday to Friday – (9am-6pm)

Shipping & Handling?

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